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RDA & ASSOCIATES offers the following customized functional services to it's esteemed clients:

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By co-developing and agreeing a 'Service Charter' with you we aim to identify where our audit can add value to your business. We ask you what you want from your audit and where possible customise our approach to meet those needs. At the completion of your audit we compare our performance and the benefits we have delivered against what was agreed with you in the Service Charter. By being willing to be measured in this way we demonstrate to you our commitment to adding value to your business and our dedication to continuously improving the service we provide.
We Leverage Knowledge and Technology to Your Advantage

Sophisticated methodology supports our audit, allowing teams around the business environment to share knowledge and communicate across borders and time zones. Our computerised "Auditors Work Station" makes our knowledge bases accessible to our auditors directly from their own PC's and enables them to deliver a highly efficient and customised service to you, our client.

Powerful analytical tools allow the audit team to navigate quickly through the detail of whole populations of data instead of having to rely on old-fashioned sampling to test information. This helps them to identify anomalies better and provides wider assurance and insights into your business.

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The expertise team of RDA identifies the business weakness provide solutions, like, marketing , human resource, financial and managerial consultancy.

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We provide financial consultancy, project appraisal, inter-corporate finance, loans syndication with various banks, financial institutions and other funding bodies. Our network and knowledge in financing has brought about lot of successful projects in Orissa in the small scale category.

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RDA has identified many successful projects and select entrepreneurs judging their financial, managerial and business skills and based on their aptitude suggest business and guide them to be successful entrepreneurs.

Preparation and filing of income tax returns, presentation for assessments and other proceedings before the Income Tax Department, Representation before Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR), Representation before Appropriate Authority, Preparation and filling of Service Tax Returns: all these works relating to any type of assessee are solved. RDA assess the income of the assessee and makes proper arrangements for filling the IT & ST. The Sales Tax pertaining to State or Centre or any other related proceedings before the Central Excise Department are presented before the Appropriate Authority.

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Our audit focuses on understanding your business processes and issues, giving us a broader knowledge of your business and the risks you face. This allows us to better focus our efforts where the risk is greatest.
Audit Innovation represents a complete re-engineering of our entire audit process and has brought about a fundamental change in the way our teams deliver your audit services.

In today's global business environment there is greater uncertainty and risk than ever before. RDA helps you identify, measure, monitor and manage these risks effectively, reducing their negative impact while exploiting potential opportunities.

Mergers and acquisitions are key strategies for obtaining business growth and for enhancing competitiveness and profitability. Some businessmen may even be considering initiating such a transaction or may have been approached by an interested party. But these strategies are not without risk - whether the party is potential vendor or the potential acquirer. RDA provides best approach for overcoming the business risks and obtaining the unexpected results.

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RDA's due diligence services helps to identify the exposures and risks of a contemplated transaction and allow how to manage potential deal breakers. It brings the mix of skill sets required for the specific needs in the business environment. We have experienced and have depth knowledge in audit, tax, real estate, management consultancy, financial advisory and project consultancy.
Our due diligence review could include:

  • Reviewing draft agreements for structural, operational or financial issues;
  • Reviewing the tax implications of alternative deal structures
  • Assessing the quality and sustainability of your target's earnings and cash flows
  • Examining the condition and value of your target's assets
  • Identifying your target's liabilities and potential liabilities
  • Assessing your target's critical operating processes; and
  • Performing completion audits or settlement confirmations of specific balances..

Creating financial and business value to our client's by providing applied economic solutions, which are simple, clear, workable and appropriate.

  • Valuation and Financial Modeling
  • Strategic Finance
  • Financial Performance Management
  • Expert Opinions

RDA & ASSOCIATES' FAS (Financial Advisory Services) team provides business, economic, and shareholder value solutions on the cutting edge of business economic and financial solution. This allows the FAS team to reveal opportunities for their clients that in many cases are not visible under the scrutiny of less progressive eyes. In this way, you are just as likely to be approached by a member of RDA & ASSOCIATES' FAS team with an opportunity to create value as you are to approach them with an issue.

Our multidisciplinary due diligence teams will bring the mix of skill sets required for your specific needs - we have experienced audit, tax, real estate, Turn key Project consultancy, management consulting, financial advisory and information technology professionals with in depth knowledge of the business environment. At RDA & ASSOCIATES we believe that utilizing the specialist skills we possess and taking a "team" approach with your other specialist advisors provides you with the best level of service.

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In the area of Human Resources, we provide a broad range of services to help our clients attract, motivate, deploy, and retain high potential people. We are committed to helping you to have the skills and resources to address not only the business issues, but the many human resources issues associated with assignments and your business environment.

RDA focuses the entrepreneurial spirit-the incredible depth and character that entrepreneurs possess, as they assimilate new technologies, create faster ways to distribute goods and services, and improve the quality of life for people around them.

We staff those people who take risks most wouldn't dream of taking. Whose special qualities have built strong, sustainable, innovative and dynamic business ventures. Successful individuals who are proud of what they have achieved, restless to build further on that achievement, and who can see the value in gaining wider recognition as the Entrepreneur par excellence.

The state of Orissa has given a lot of importance to Tourism. RDA identifies projects for their clients suitable for tourism & leasure and does necessary documentation for land acquisition, clearances, approvals and other consultancy for setting up the project.

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Life Line Protein Care (P) Ltd.
An agro based industrial enterprise, promoted by the leading Poultry based organisation Kalinga Hatcheries, Bhubaneswar, RDA has monitored the implementation of the project as a consultant and made in-depth analysis of the Technical, Commercial viability of the project in consultation with the Agricultural Promotion and Investment Corporation of Orissa Ltd.(APICOL), for technical estimation and financing with the Industrial Promotion and investment Corporation of Orissa Limited (the nodal project financing government agency).The enterprise is diet supplement unit to the growing poultry and Dairy firms in the eastern part of Orissa. The rich diet composition with the expert opinion agricultural scientists has been formulated to cater the needs of rural farmers for quick growth of chicks and augmented milk produce in the Diary Farming sector of Orissa.

Jagannath Agro Firm
A fifteen acre unit composite farming for seed plantation,fisheries and poultry farming unit with assistance from CIFA (Central Institute Fisheries and Aquaculture) for promotion of fisheries in the state and ADB(Agricultural Development Bank's) assurance under for plantation and Poultry farming as per NABARD'S fresh initiative in the agricultural sector ,the project is one of the most innovative agri-based farm developing under active supervision of RDA.

Padmaja International & Auro Inpex

RDA has done feasibilty study for fishery related projects for both the firms, Padmaja Internationals is a fishery farming unit with an area of two acres of aqua marine prawn & shrimps culture, cattering to the Eastern Orissa cities. Auro Inpex is a fish trading concern for which RDA has made a pivotal role in the market survey & working capital assessment as well as financing.

Udaya Poultry Pvt. Ltd.
A poultry farm in Bhubaneswar where the project appraisal viability study was conducted by RDA and was approved by APICOL ( Agricultaural Promotional and Industrial Corporation of Orissa Ltd) and State Bank of India, Orissa State Financial Corporation and Industrial Promotional Investment Corporation of Orissa Ltd.

RDA's expertise team is capable of creating from the raw data/incomplete data/outsourcing data for completion of accounts and finalisation of audit reports to reflect true and fair picture of the organisation. 

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RDA's expertise team is being carrying out the physical verification and valuation work of various assets and liabilities of organisations like, CESCO, NTPC, Kaniha, Talcher, Elite Education Society, Indian Metal and Ferro Alloys Ltd., (Stock Audit), Mahabir Rerolling Mill Rourkela. 

RDA has the expertise of giving management consultancy services on the optimum use of available resources of particular organisation which enables the organisation to achieve higher profits.

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RDA has been instrumental in successfully carrying out the convergence process of single entry system to double entry system of Government Bodies, Local Authorities and independent bodies.

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